Who we are

We are a Christian nonprofit organization since 1960. Among our other activities such as a nursing home, camps for children and youth, publications, we organise mission trips and educational tours for schools, colleges (we have a long relationship with Wheaton College) and churches the last 40 years in Greece.

We follow Apostle Paul to his 2nd missionary journey, but at the same time we visit important ancient Greek cities and archaeological sites which help us understand the historical environment in which the New Testament events have happened (groups of 15 people minimum).

The guiding experience in the footsteps of apostle Paul in Biblical Greece helps in understanding the historical background of the book of Acts from the 16th chapter onwards, as well as Paul’s Epistles. The past becomes alive and the visitors feel that they walk beside the footprints of the history of the First Church.

This whole project supports not only our ministry to old and young people in need but also to the sum of the evangelical scene in Greece.